Accomplishments for a Resume: Best Examples

Accomplishments for a Resume: Best Examples


Achievements are significant accomplishments or contributions you’ve made in your previous roles, projects, or activities that typically go beyond your job’s everyday tasks and responsibilities. They demonstrate your abilities, skills, and value as a professional.

In the context of a resume, achievements provide evidence of how you’ve used your skills in the workplace to generate positive results for your previous employers. These achievements can be quantified and/or qualified, depending on the nature of the accomplishment.

Quantified achievements refer to accomplishments that can be expressed in numbers, percentages, or any other quantifiable metrics. For instance, “increased sales by 25%”, “reduced costs by 35%”, or “managed a portfolio of 1 Billion BRL”.

Qualified achievements, on the other hand, may not be easily expressed in numbers but still denote important accomplishments. These could include things like “implemented new software for Complaints Management”, “improved supplier’s Payment Term results”, or “trained new staff and current employees”.

Showcasing achievements in your resume helps to differentiate you from other candidates by giving potential employers tangible proof of your capabilities and successes. It tells them not just what you’ve done, but how well you’ve done it and what kind of value you could bring to their organization.


Crafting powerful resume accomplishments can be an uphill task, but it becomes simpler and more effective with the right approach. When you begin brainstorming your list of achievements, address the following questions to prompt meaningful and quantifiable responses:

  1. Have I devised strategies that enhanced the company’s profitability or reduced expenditure?
  2. Have I attained my objectives ahead of schedule?
  3. Have I frequently surpassed my personal targets?
  4. Have I made significant contributions towards realising the company’s strategic goals?
  5. Have I instituted a system or protocol that bolstered the company’s productivity?
  6. Have I implemented cost-saving and waste-reduction measures?
  7. Have I played a pivotal role in elevating customer satisfaction and retention rates?
  8. Have I been recognized or awarded for my outstanding performance?
  9. Have I led a team, motivating them to meet or exceed our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Expert Advice: Frame your answers mainly around the tangible impacts, specifically time and money. Exceptional resume accomplishments are not just notable but also quantifiable. Use monetary values, timeframes, quantities, and percentages as robust metrics to validate and illustrate your achievements on a resume. This approach helps potential employers perceive the direct value you could bring to their organization.



  1. Diminished bad debt by 12% through a comprehensive analysis of delinquent accounts and the initiation of customer surveys, strategically identifying and addressing prevalent payment issues.
  2. Championed cost-efficiency initiatives and productivity-enhancing tools, which included the implementation of streamlined internal audit procedures and company-wide utilization of SAP ERP software.
  3. Facilitated substantial savings through meticulous analysis and reporting of overtime expenditure variances. Compared payroll’s OT Differential Report with approved OT requests, ultimately realizing a 33% reduction in associated costs.


  1. Achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98% over a period of one year, consistently exceeding company targets.
  2. Implemented a new customer service management software that reduced average response time by 30%.
  3. Recognized as “Employee of the Month” 6 times in one year due to exemplary customer service.
  4. Resolved 95% of customer complaints within 24 hours, exceeding company goal of 80%.
  5. Led a customer service team that improved overall customer retention by 20% over two years.
  6. Introduced a new feedback system that increased customer reviews by 50%.
  7. Trained 10 new customer service representatives who all achieved a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.
  8. Reduced customer on-hold time by 40% by implementing effective call-routing strategies.


  1. Redesigned a major client’s website, leading to a 50% increase in traffic and a 30% increase in conversion rates.
  2. Successfully led the design team on a project awarded the 2023 “Best in Design” by the National Design Council.
  3. Developed a new logo and branding for a startup company recognized in the “Top 10 Startup Brands of 2023.”
  4. Implemented a user-friendly design for a mobile app, resulting in a 25% increase in user retention and a 15% increase in daily active users.
  5. Directed a design campaign that increased social media engagement by 60% over six months.
  6. Streamlined design processes using a new project management tool, reducing project delivery times by 20%.
  7. Coordinated and delivered a corporate rebranding project 10% under budget and two weeks ahead of schedule.
  8. Published a research paper on design trends in “Design World Journal,” a leading design publication.


  1. Grew business revenue by 45% year-on-year for three consecutive years through strategic marketing initiatives and client relationship management.
  2. Successfully launched an e-commerce platform that contributed to an additional 30% of annual revenue.
  3. Increased customer base by 60% over two years through referral programs and partnerships with local businesses.
  4. Reduced operating costs by 20% by renegotiating contracts with suppliers and improving inventory management.
  5. Secured a key business partnership that expanded the company’s reach into three new regional markets.
  6. Implemented a customer relationship management system that increased customer retention by 35%.
  7. Led the company to win the 2023 “Local Business of the Year” award for outstanding service and community involvement.
  8. Introduced a new product line that quickly became the company’s top seller, contributing 40% of total revenue in its first year.


  1. Successfully led the development and FDA approval of a new drug, projected to generate $50 million in sales in its first year.
  2. Reduced production costs by 15% by implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies while maintaining quality and regulatory compliance.
  3. Implemented new laboratory protocols resulting in a 20% increase in experiment efficiency and a 10% reduction in research errors.
  4. Streamlined drug delivery system, reducing patient waiting time by 30% and increasing patient satisfaction scores.
  5. Conducted clinical trials and achieved an 85% efficacy rate leading to the commercial release of a novel therapeutic.
  6. Managed and executed a recall of a product batch effectively and efficiently, minimizing harm and reputational damage to the company.
  7. Published 5 research papers on new drug development in prestigious pharmaceutical journals.
  8. Directed the international expansion of the business, successfully registering products in 10 new countries, increasing the company’s global footprint.


  1. Implemented Value Engineering Project in the Soy protein category, saving BRL 3.5MM.
  2. Acted as a Procurement lead for the Plant-Based Meet Project in BRF.
  3. Improved supplier’s Payment Term results from an average of 70 to 115 days.
  4. Eliminated exclusive suppliers for main food ingredients categories, achieving savings of 5% in total spending.
  5. Developed the global workflow for Animal Health Categories across Brazil and Turkey.
  6. Managed a 1 Billion BRL in Portfolio Category and managed the purchasing of 24 prominent business units in Brazil and 3 large business units in Europe.
  7. Delivered 16MM BRL in Value Engineering projects in 2021.
  8. Successfully developed a Tax strategy in the Brazilian market, cost-saving 5 MM BRL in 2021/2022.
  9. Trained new staff and current employees in Brazil/Europe as Senior Trainer in the company Procurement Academy.


  1. Reduced costs by 35% in the first half of 2015, delivering an annual saving of BRL 4.1MM into the global target.
  2. Managed a USA Project from Brazil to sell via auctions several USA “SafeBox assets”.
  3. Participated in HSBC’s global digital transformation and online storage project.
  4. Managed a cross-functional team of 15 members and delivered a complex digital transformation project 2 months ahead of schedule and under budget by 20%.
  5. Initiated a project risk management strategy that reduced project disruptions by 30%, improving on-time project delivery.
  6. Orchestrated a project that increased customer satisfaction ratings by 40% by implementing a customer-first approach throughout the project lifecycle.
  7. Improved project efficiency by 25% by introducing Agile methodologies, reducing project delivery times and enhancing team collaboration.
  8. Saved the company $500,000 annually by renegotiating contracts and optimizing resource allocation across various projects.
  9. Led the successful implementation of a company-wide ERP system, streamlining business processes and leading to an annual cost saving of 18%.
  10. Awarded “Project Manager of the Year” for consistently delivering projects on time and under budget while maintaining high team morale.


  1. Developed a new data analytics platform that improved processing time by 60%, enhancing decision-making efficiency across the company.
  2. Led the successful migration of company data to a cloud-based system, reducing IT costs by 35% and improving system uptime to 99.9%.
  3. Implemented cybersecurity measures that reduced security breaches by 80% over a period of one year.
  4. Automated manual business processes by developing an internal software, resulting in an annual operational cost reduction of 25%.
  5. Managed the rollout of an enterprise-wide software update with no downtime during business hours, leading to a 15% increase in overall productivity.
  6. Coordinated an agile transformation across the organization, leading to a 30% decrease in project delivery times and a 20% increase in stakeholder satisfaction.
  7. Pioneered a machine learning algorithm to predict customer behavior, increasing customer retention rate by 10%.
  8. Optimized website’s SEO, leading to a 50% increase in organic traffic and a 20% increase in lead conversion.


  1. Designed and implemented a new testing methodology that reduced defects in the production line by 25%, saving an estimated $200,000 annually.
  2. Led a cross-functional team to complete a complex infrastructure project 2 months ahead of schedule, improving overall operational efficiency by 35%.
  3. Developed an innovative algorithm to optimize the automated assembly line, increasing production speed by 30% without compromising quality.
  4. Won the ‘Engineer of the Year award for successfully completing a $1.2 million project, which increased the client base by 20%.
  5. Introduced a new waste management system that reduced the company’s environmental impact by 40% while saving $100,000 annually in disposal costs.
  6. Authored a technical paper on advanced materials published in a prestigious engineering journal, advancing the company’s reputation.
  7. Implemented a preventive maintenance system that increased machinery life by 20% and saved the company $50,000 in annual repair costs.


  1. Exceeded annual sales targets by 30%, leading to significant growth in revenue and earning the ‘Top Salesperson of the Year’ award.
  2. Successfully developed and implemented a new sales strategy that increased customer retention rate by 20%.
  3. Expanded the company’s customer base by 25% in a single year through effective networking and lead generation.
  4. Closed a deal worth $1 million with a key client, the largest in the company’s history.
  5. Increased the average deal size by 15% through upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  6. Introduced a new CRM system that improved sales tracking and reduced time spent on administrative tasks by 40%.
  7. Led a sales team that consistently achieved 110% of the quarterly sales target for three consecutive years.
  8. Implemented a new training program for junior sales staff, reducing onboarding time by 50% and increasing their sales conversion rate by 30%.


  1. Increased website traffic by 40% within six months by optimizing SEO and creating engaging content.
  2. Successfully implemented a social media campaign that boosted follower engagement by 30%, leading to a 20% increase in online sales.
  3. Led a rebranding initiative that resulted in a 25% improvement in brand recognition and a 15% increase in market share.
  4. Directed a product launch campaign that exceeded sales targets by 35%, contributing significantly to the company’s annual revenue.
  5. Initiated a loyalty program that increased customer retention by 20% and repeat purchases by 15%.
  6. Devised an email marketing campaign that improved open rates by 30% and click-through rates by 25%.
  7. Managed a marketing budget of $500,000, achieving all marketing objectives while staying 10% under budget.
  8. Conducted market research that identified a new market segment, leading to the development and successful introduction of a new product line.


  1. Introduced a new budgeting process, streamlining the financial planning and saving 20 hours of manual work per month.
  2. Successfully reduced project costs by 15% through strategic sourcing and negotiation with vendors.
  3. Implemented a new scheduling system that improved project timelines by 25%, resulting in more efficient resource allocation and timely project delivery.
  4. Identified and eliminated 10% of unnecessary costs in the production process through a detailed cost analysis.
  5. Coordinated a cross-functional team to carry out a complex project plan, completing the project 20% ahead of schedule and 10% under budget.
  6. Initiated a quarterly review process that led to a 30% reduction in forecast error, improving the accuracy of budgeting and financial planning.
  7. Managed a $5M project budget, delivering all objectives while coming in 8% under budget.
  8. Introduced cost control measures that reduced overhead expenses by 12%, contributing significantly to the bottom line.


  1. Planned and executed a corporate event with 1,000 attendees, managing all aspects from venue selection to participant registration while staying 15% under the budget.
  2. Successfully increased event attendance by 35% over the previous year through targeted marketing campaigns.
  3. Led a team to organize a charity event that raised $200,000, exceeding the fundraising goal by 50%.
  4. Coordinated a conference with 30 speakers and 500 participants, ensuring smooth operations and high participant satisfaction.
  5. Initiated a post-event survey process, leading to a 25% increase in attendee feedback and consequently improved future events.
  6. Streamlined the event planning process, reducing planning time by 20% and freeing resources for other tasks.
  7. Implemented a new ticketing system that improved ticket sales efficiency by 30% and increased early bird ticket sales by 40%.
  8. Negotiated contracts with vendors, reducing event costs by 20% and improving the quality of food and entertainment.


  1. Successfully litigated 80% of assigned cases, significantly exceeding the firm’s average success rate of 60%.
  2. Negotiated and settled a high-profile, multimillion-dollar litigation case, saving the client approximately 30% in potential losses.
  3. Implemented a new legal research system, reducing research time by 25% and increasing case preparation efficiency.
  4. Authored a legal paper on Intellectual Property rights published in a renowned law journal.
  5. Streamlined the contract review process, reducing review time by 20% and improving client turnaround times.
  6. Trained a team of junior associates, 80% of whom went on to take on their caseload within a year.
  7. Reduced outside counsel expenditures by 15% through improved use of in-house resources and capabilities.
  8. Assisted in creating a compliance program that reduced legal risks and potential violations by 40%.


  1. Led the editing and production of a documentary that received 500,000 views on YouTube within the first month of release.
  2. Reduced post-production times by 25% by introducing a more efficient workflow, improving project turnaround times.
  3. Produced and edited a promotional video that boosted product sales by 30% within a quarter.
  4. Won “Best Editing” at a prestigious film festival for a short film project.
  5. Edited 10 episodes for a popular web series, consistently meeting tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
  6. Implemented a new video editing software that increased productivity by 20% and reduced rendering times by 30%.
  7. Supervised a team of junior video editors, 80% of whom have since moved on to lead their own projects.
  8. Worked closely with the director to produce a music video that garnered over 1 million views on YouTube, resulting in increased exposure for the artist.


  1. Academic Excellence: Achieved a 4.0 GPA for three consecutive semesters, ranking in the top 10% of the class.
  2. Thesis Publication: Published Master/PhD thesis in a renowned scientific journal, contributing to the body of research in the field.
  3. Research Grants: Secured a $50,000 research grant for a project investigating climate change impacts on local ecosystems.
  4. Leadership Roles: Elected as the President of the Student Council, spearheading several successful initiatives, including a mental health awareness campaign.
  5. Internship Accomplishments: Received the ‘Intern of the Year’ award for outstanding performance during a summer internship at a tech company, resulting in an offer for a full-time position post-graduation.
  6. Scholarships: Awarded the prestigious XYZ scholarship for demonstrating academic merit and commitment to community service.
  7. Competitions: Won first place in a national coding competition, creating an innovative app solution for reducing food waste.
  8. Volunteering: Volunteered 200+ hours at a local non-profit organization, coordinating a successful fundraising campaign that raised $10,000.
  9. Study Abroad: Selected for a competitive study abroad program in Spain, enhancing language skills and gaining global perspectives.
  10. Club Achievements: As club president, increased club membership by 50% and organized events that fostered student engagement and leadership skills.

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