Terms and Conditions

Hiring the following services: professional CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter writing or any related to its service such as the revision of writing or structure on Storani Careers website or via email:info@storanicareers.com

The CV writing or revision is made in collaboration with customers via Google Docs and Google Drive. Click this link to learn more about using Google Docs and Google Drive before we start the process.

The service starts after you submit your CV (or info) and make the payment for the service.
The deadline for completion of the CV is generally three weeks after the service begins (apart from the “The flash service – 5 working days”.

About hiring other services:

Appointments will be made by email info@tanastorani.com or phone +353 86 792 3764
Preferentially make your appointment at least three or four weeks in advance.

As there is a minimum time between appointments, in case the client is late for any reason, we can allocate only 15 minutes of waiting time. After that time, it will not be possible to start the session, as there will be an impact on the appointment for the next client.

If you cannot attend your appointment, wish to cancel or reschedule it you must notify us by email 24 hours in advance. In case of no show or cancellation without prior notice, we charge 50% of the value of the service chosen.

Refund policy: All service refunds are valid in advance of the start of the service and 50% refunded if the service is already in progress