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This Service is designed for:

Professionals who want to a leave

Underemployment, Career Break or Secondary Jobs.

Professionals who want to move to the next level

To a better or different company, area or country.

Professionals seeking an international job

Moving from their home country towards a better job in another country.

Professionals that want to find career path

If you need guidance towards your professional future

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First Step Career Consulting Career Fast Track Consulting Career Elite Consulting Rock Your LinkedIn Profile
Expert Consulting with your choice from the following subjects: Explanation of the right approach to take towards Recruiters, Guidance regarding companies and recruitment agencies to apply for, Explanation of the international job market, Guidance and creation of strategies for passive job searching (networking) and active job searching across different recruitment channels (Job Boards, LinkedIn, Referrals, ATS), LinkedIn Strategies, Education & Visa, Job Hunting, Career Strategies & Planning or Interview Preparation. 1 hour (Client's choice and as much as the Consultant can cover in 1h) 2 hour 5 hour 1 hour (Focused on LinkedIn)
CV and Cover Letter writing in English or Spanish
Adjustment of CV (Job Titles, Descriptions and Achievements)
LinkedIn summary writing and adjustment of profile attracting greater visibility to Recruiters
The Markets of your choice: Europe, UK, Australia or Canada
Grammar review of the CV in English or Spanish by a native speaker
Interview Preparation Choice of the client and as much as the Consultant can cover during 1 hour
Post assistance by email with frequent asked questions interviewers (when the client notifies us about an upcoming interview).
Creation of customized LinkedIn messages/Email models for recruiters and networking.
Experience description writing in LinkedIn (English or Spanish) Client's CV Usage
Referral Networking Group - see disclaimer inside each service*
1 hour English Class with a native English teacher to cover the "Tell me about yourself" question.
Personality Test to improve interview preparation
Subscription to the VIP Membership Area with exclusive videos 5 months 6 months 1 year 1 month
Exclusive additional material and videos focused on each step of the program
Deadline CV/CL up to 15 working days CV/CL up to 15 working days CV/CL up to 15 working days LinkedIn done on the meeting
Online Engagement with the Consultant via Google Drive/Docs + Video Call